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Benefits of Having a Security Guard at a Business

by Amanda C. Kooser, Demand Media

When hiring a security guard makes business sense.


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Small businesses have to deal with the reality that thefts and other crimes can occur on business premises. Some businesses, such as convenience stores, banks and retail stores, may be more of a target for criminals and petty thieves than other types, but a wide variety of businesses choose to hire security guards. Guards can be used to prevent crime, maintain security, and assist customers and employees. Business owners should assess the benefits of hiring a security guard before making the decision to bring one on board.

Sense of Security

The presence of a security guard at a business can provide peace of mind and a sense of security to the business owner, employees and customers. Employees that work in high-risk areas are more productive and easier to retain when they don’t have to worry about personal safety. It also lets customers know that you are concerned about their safety and willing to take steps to insure it. This may be particularly important for businesses that deal in very high-end merchandise or are located in high-crime areas.


Simply having a security guard present is a great deterrent to crime. Thieves will think twice about targeting a business that has uniformed protection. Professional guards are trained to look for suspicious activity on the spot. They can assess a situation and react to security breaches. A guard is a greater visual deterrent than just camera surveillance or a standard security system. It sends a message to potential criminals that you are serious about the security of your business.

Customer Service

Security guards can also be customer service ambassadors. A guard may man a front desk or act as a sentry to control access to an area. This can mean that there is a substantial amount of interaction with customers and clients. Guards may be able to help direct people to find products and get to the right location in a business. Guard can also be available as escorts for customers and employees to get to their cars after dark. Hiring personable and capable guards lets you communicate that your business is secure and customer-oriented.

Handling Crime

Security guards can receive varying levels of training when it comes to actively responding to a crime. Some may simply take down details and contact the police. Some may be able to detain suspects. It is up to the business to decide whether to have an armed or unarmed guard, and what procedures should be in place for handling a suspect should a crime occur. Hiring a trained and licensed guard from a reputable company can ensure that the guard behaves capably and sensibly when faced with criminal activity on business premises.


Not all security guards spend all their time on active patrol of a business property. A security professional may be employed to monitor video surveillance, check credentials, check for contraband or restrict access to an area. A security guard may have specific goals, such as watching for shoplifters, keeping an eye on the grounds after hours, and opening or closing a business for the day. These monitoring duties take a lot of security responsibility off the shoulders of the business owner and employees, and allows them to focus on their jobs.



How to Increase Building Security With a 24 Hour Guard

by George N. Root III, Demand Media

A security guard can increase security where you live or work.


If you have determined that your building requires 24-hour security guards, then you need to take some things into account. When you place 24-hour security on your grounds, you are going to have guards that are supervising themselves for portions of the work day and completely on weekends and holidays. Spend the time to find qualified security guards for your 24-hour staff, and make sure you are hiring dedicated professionals.

Step 1

Identify the areas on your property that you feel require a 24-hour guard. It may be that only a portion of the property needs constant physical surveillance, and that can save you on costs. You will also want to make the determination as to whether or not you want armed guards on your property.

Step 2

Work with a security professional to draft an effective 24-hour security plan. Develop policies about how security will interact with other employees, the responsibilities of security officers and the procedures a guard will follow in any given situation. This manual may wind up being very comprehensive, but a set of security policies created with the help of a professional can reduce your liability if something should happen on your property.

Step 3

Accept resumes from security professionals. Require that all applicants be trained in professional security measures, and if you are asking them to be armed, then they must also be fully certified to carry and use a sidearm. When deciding on how many guards to hire, use the plan you developed regarding what needs 24-hour surveillance to determine manpower. Plan on at least two guards at all times.

Step 4

Require security guards to conduct pre-appointed rounds of the premises throughout their shifts. Have guards fill out a log of each round, regardless of activity.


Party Security & Event Security

Guards offers a plethora of on-demand, temporary security guards for a birthday party. A birthday party, ether it is for an adult or a child can be a joyous occasion. It is a celebration of another year being under the person’s belt and is typically a fun filled time. Hosts want everyone that they have invited to have a great time visiting and mingling with others and the last thing they want are problems or mishaps. keeping everyone at a party safe and sound is the paramount duty of the host. This is even more so the case when the party is for young children. Most birthday parties go off over smoothly and a great time is had by all. However, in some cases a party can quickly devolve into a disaster. Situations in which out of control drinking happens can also end disastrously.

How can having a qualified event security guard present benefit your birthday party?


Having a security guard present can lead to a diminishment of bad endings. By hiring security many of the nuisance issues related to giving a party are ameliorated. By having the right ratio of security to guest at a birthday party, you will avoid anti-social behavioral problems. If it is a celebrity birthday, its even more important to make sure that gate crashers and paparazzi are kept at bay, damage to home and venue doesn’t occur and disturbances are reduced for neighbors. Party Security & Event Security Guards is listed prominently in Google, online Yellow Pages and other search engines and we can supply security guards for all your birthday party needs. Having security present sends a clear message to everyone present at the party. It signals to everyone that disturbances and bad behavior will not be tolerated.

What are some common security issues that arise at a birthday party event?


Party Security & Event Security Guards’s security teams are comprised of individuals who are firm but friendly and are well versed in crowd control techniques, how to contact emergency services and assist in stopping either verbal or physical violence from escalating. If a party is being held in a private setting, control may be easier then in mass public events. Security can also be engaged at birthday parties to make sure that your home or venue doesn’t get vandalized or robbed. For example, guests may be confined to a few key rooms rather than having the run of the house. Similarly, entrances and exits may be monitored to make sure that guests stay in designated areas. After a party is over, security guards at a birthday party can make sure everyone leaves the house or venue. If a birthday party is being held in a wealthy person’s home, the following common sense tips can be employed to minimize damage:


Remove small electronics, jewelry or other valuables to secure locations

Make sure guests don’t trip or fall if there are obstructions or hazards

Remove expensive televisions or video or musical equipment

Make sure plenty of food is on hand if guests are going to be drinking

Offer to call a cab if a departing guest is drunk

Call EMS services in the case of a medical episode


Hiring security guards for a birthday party will depend on the demographics of the guests, the coverage area, the home or venue and whether or alcohol will be served. A good rule of thumb is to have the right ratio of security guards to numbers of guests. If expensive artwork or other valuables adorn the walls, it may be necessary to keep an even closer eye on things. So sit back, relax and blow out those candles while Party Security & Event Security Guards takes care of all your birthday security needs


Security for Construction Projects and New Development

Do you have a huge construction project on the line that you need security guard services for? If you need a security guard for a couple of weeks for a site and don’t know who to call then Construction Security Guards will perfect for you. When there is a need for security guards quickly and easily and you don’t want to have to scramble to find somebody last second and risk delaying your project then call us.

Construction Security Guards has worked on hundreds of construction projects throughout the country and we have been able to help thousands of site supervisors finish their projects on time.

Construction Security Guards is Protecting Equipment, Supplies and Progress

Many criminals and thieves find construction sites lucrative targets. Building materials and equipment have high intrinsic market value even if sold only for scrap. If not properly protected, materials are stolen while still fresh on pallets or (even worse) after installation. High scrap metal prices for

copper, aluminium wire, tubing and any products, that contain them such as A/C units, only increase criminal interest. Once material theft has occurred, the repurchase, replacement and rescheduling costs exponentially increase – along with the harm to the project owner and affected contractors.

Construction Security Guards is a Partner to Secure Large Property Renovations / New Construction – Remodeling Projects

Construction Security Guards uses advanced technology to monitor our guards location while at your construction development site, further ensuring your property’s security and the valuable commodities within. Let Construction Security Guards give you an even greater return on investment by helping you complete your projects on-time and under budget

We Offer Trained and Experienced Security Guards to Enhance Your Site Security Solutions

Construction site security guards provide a cost-effective solution to the problem of theft and pilfering. Construction Security Guards is very experienced with construction site security and associated protection strategies. With satisfied past and current construction site clients, we know what to look for and how to defend against construction site crime.

Construction Site Access Monitoring for General Contractors and Construction Site Owners

Theft threats come from both inside and outside the job site. Crew theft by subcontractors can harm a project just as much as theft and damage from project outsiders.

Our guards will monitor site access and become your company’s first line of proactive defense in material theft prevention. In addition to preventing unauthorized jobsite entry and recording jobsite visitors.

Construction Security Guards security guards can enforce access badge and safety policies as set by the client.

We Offer Trained and Experienced Security Guards to Enhance Your Site Security Solutions

Construction Security Guards security guards are ready to enforce mandated safety policies. Standard safety measures such as preventing entry to visitors not wearing safety glasses or hard hats will be enforced. Additional project specific concerns such as working with chemicals or explosive materials can be addressed. Construction Security Guards partners with construction managers and property developers across the nation to ensure completion of their projects without delay due to theft and after-hours damage of equipment and materials.

Millions of dollars a year are wasted on copper theft and delayed project simply have our guards there and ensure everything is safe. Whether you have heavy machinery that needs to be seen for a few nights or projects for a few weeks we can help you with that.


If your are in need of quick, fast and easy security guard services for construction projects then give us a call and we would love to talk to you about how we can help you complete your projects on time


Unarmed Security Guards

These days, most small businesses are working with razor thin profit margins. Most companies can’t afford to have something go wrong with their inventory or retail location. Inventory loss due to thefts or accidents creates devastating losses. Luckily, unarmed security guards prevent against the former issue. Such individuals deter thieves from entering a business and attempting to walk out with unpaid merchandise. Security guards more than pay for themselves over the course of a year.

Security Guards Melbourne provides both Unarmed and Armed Security Guard Services for Day and Night Foot Patrol Security Guards, Vehicle Security Patrol, Camera Surveillance and Executive Protection.

Why are Unarmed Guards Preferable Over Armed Guards?

Unarmed security guards often prove the perfect solution for small businesses. When guards carry firearms or other weapons, customers often find them intimidating. Nobody wants to enter a business they feel doesn’t trust them. Others have issues with firearms and don’t want to be near them. Either way, the business that respects customers by using unarmed guards won’t lose customers because of their presence. A guard without a weapon acts as a deterrent rather than a threatening presence.

Choosing a Security Company With Experience

Of course, guards aren’t hired as independent contractors. A small business will contact a security company that dispatches guards to a given location. Not all security guard companies are the same, and some are worth hiring above their competitors. Therefore, certain features set one company above another, and companies need to realize this fact. Security companies that employ reliable security guards and train them properly are always worth working with.

What makes Security Guards Melbourne’s Unarmed Security Guards Better?

Without a doubt, Security Guards Melbourne offers the best unarmed guards in the business. The company has operated for years and satisfied hundreds of clients in the process. Security Guards Melbourne believes in using unarmed guards because they walk the line between protecting a business and providing a friendly disposition. Fortunately, each guard is trained to be friendly and helpful toward a company’s clients and customers. They’re also trained to treat theft and other incidents with the utmost care.

Background Checks, Extended Training, and More

Every potential guard has their background checked thoroughly before being hired at Security Guards Melbourne. They’re then given hundreds of hours of training before being sent out to clients. Plus, they often work with veteran unarmed guards so that they know exactly how to perform their duties. These guards can protect a business while treating every customer with respects. Guards from Security Guards Melbourne are trained to not respond to provocation unless they’re physically touched, so serious incidents are often avoided.

Trust Security Guards Melbourne For A Company’s Security Needs

In today’s world, many small businesses find themselves in need of unarmed security guards. Most companies can’t afford to not protect themselves from theft and violent incidents. Security guards act as a deterrent about all else, but Security Guards Melbourne’s security guards are trained to react to situations with swift action when necessary. By hiring a guard from Security Guards Melbourne, small businesses are guaranteed protection against common threats to a retail location. Guards are available for all hours of operation, and they receive more training than other security services provide. No other security company can even compare with Security Guards Melbourne.


Our services are unequaled throughout the industry in accordance with the best practices of the security industry.


Unarmed Security Guards are responsible for guarding and patrolling areas in which violent crime is rare. They prevent unauthorized access to stores, sporting events or restricted areas. Security guards often have the duty to:


Respond to fires and medical emergencies.

Monitor security systems and scanners.

Protect properties and patrons from theft, vandalism and violence.

Patrol properties or guarding gate entrances.

File incident reports.


Because Unarmed Security Guards need to be able to deter people from entering unauthorized areas and do not have access to weapons, they must maintain a strong, confident appearance. Many will interact with customers and members of the public, so Security Guards Melbourne Unarmed Security Guards are often required to possess good customer service skills.


Upon each booking we create a comprehensive security plan based on the facility, person and event being secured and protected.

Unarmed guards are highly-trained to diffuse situations at variable degrees of threat.





Concert Security Guard Services

For any concert, security is an important issue, particularly when you have over 10,000 fans at a three hour event all wanting to enjoy themselves amongst others who have other intentions or face impaired judgements due to alcohol consumption. With any large group of people where alcohol is accessible a problem is bound to happen. With Security Guards Melbourne concert security, you have properly trained security guards who are able to quickly and quietly diffuse any situation so everyone can enjoy themselves. Our security guards are always in control of the venue and its guests. Our security guards will escort and remove all attendees creating mishaps and causing problems.

Is having concert security guards really necessary?

If you have ever attended or hosted a concert event, then you know how important it is to have the proper coverage for concert security guards. In both circumstances there is liability attached with not having the correct amount of security guards to ensure that control of the concert goers is maintained.


In recent news, we have seen the dangers of organizing a concert with insufficient and inexperienced security. The number of shootings and deaths at after party events and concert events have only risen in recent years.

There have been events with a small number of people at venues still experiencing large fights and altercations breaking out. In both circumstances there is liability attached with not having the correct amount of security guards to ensure that control of the concert goers is maintained.

People might have misconceptions of what a security guard does. Is the security guard simply standing in front of the dressing room door, doing nothing? Not really. Security is a deterrent, the mere presence of security guards deter people from event attempting to break the rules. Whether the security guard is monitoring attendees or merchandise is sole security guards reduce thousands of dollars in theft by simply being there.

Because crowd management and security is a top priority for events and venues, a large number of event staff members are needed to oversee this important task. These crowd management employees have received training in the field but are not formal law enforcement officers. They are the event staff you are likely to see at stadiums or sports arenas, award shows, music festivals, special events, fairs, festivals, golf tournaments, sporting events, raceways, university events or convention centers. Simply put, they keep things in order and respond when an incident gets out of hand or needs mediation. They are most commonly known as crowd management staff and their duties range extensively under the umbrella of putting on a safe and crowd controlled event.

Crowd management employees enjoy many of the same perks that many event volunteers and other staff members enjoy. They get to attend exciting local events and make money while doing so! The job however, is a serious one and all crowd management staff members are expected to have a good time but to work hard as well.

As event security and crowd management providers we do train and provide security staff based on guard availability to local venues. Working for an event security service provider such as Security Guards Melbourne is a great way to gain training and experience in the events industry.

With Security Guards Melbourne security services, your event will receive the proactive, comprehensive security plan and professional security guards needed to protect your attendees and property at cost-effective prices. With reliable security in place, you can focus on providing attendees an enjoyable event experience. Our trained guards are familiar with the liability risks inherent in events with high population density, such as theft, bodily injury, and evacuation challenges, and will take every precaution to reduce those risks.

Our security services enhance safety without compromising the relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere your attendees expect. We focus on effective crowd management, organized security, clear communications, contingency planning, risk mitigation, threat assessment, and evacuation planning. Additionally, our guards can provide access control, traffic and parking enforcement, fire watch, metal detector operation, VIP escorts, and mobile patrol.

Since 2010, Security Guards Melbourne Security has provided California with superior security services at competitive rates. All of our officers complete a rigorous security training program, receive ongoing on-the-job instruction, pass thorough background checks, and are screened for drugs.

We provide uniformed or plainclothes guards, who can either be armed or unarmed. We are licensed, bonded and insured, and provide 24/7 dispatch services. Call us today for a free quote and customized security assessment.


Security Guards Melbourne cost-effective concerts and sporting events security services include:


Uniformed or plainclothes officers

Standing and mobile guards

Access control

Customized security and crowd management plans

Risk mitigation and contingency planning

Parking enforcement

Highly visible security presence

Crime and theft deterrence

Security checkpoints

VIP escorts

Fire watch

First aid


List of concert security guard duties:


Control the crowd

Prevent fights at the concert

Remove trouble makers

Make sure all visitors have paid prior to entering concert






Art Gallery, Museums and Exhibits Security

Security guards for Museums and Art Gallery Exhibits Protection

Security Guards Melbourne security officers recognize the need for professional uniformed individuals stationed at an art gallery, museum, or exhibit to protect priceless works of art. The security guard’s clear visibility to the public can daunt those with any intentions of carrying out improper or harmful actions.

The visiting public will undoubtedly view the officer’s presence, sending a clear message that the area is safe and protected. Security Guards Melbourne security guards will assure off limit areas are not intruded and assure the safety and protection of the client assets in any and all situations.

The Art of Securing the Priceless

Museum security is a kind of art form unto itself. A way to all at once create safety and accessibility. To bring us as close as possible to inspiration while preventing miscreants from stealing it.

The art of museum security is no less profound than some of the masterpieces hanging in the space that needs protecting. It makes sense out of a paradox. To make works of art difficult to steal or damage-while at the same time allowing a connection between the masterpiece and the beholder-requires generous amounts of planning, some cool technology and a little ingenuity.

Museum Security Technology Plan for Valuables

How can a security guard protect your art gallery, museum or exhibit?

  1. Vibration Sensors

Small and wireless, vibration sensors placed behind a painting can detect the lightest fingertap. Multiple sensors can be customized—one as a backup, another to detect if someone tries to access the painting through the wall. A tripped alarm signals the control room (or a cell phone or pager), describes the problem, and can provide a map of the site and an electronic photo of the piece of art.

  1. Eye Hooks

To hang a piece of art, eye hooks on the back of the frame attach to “L” hooks on the museum wall. At the bottom center of the painting, a metal boiler plate screws into both the frame and the wall. You’d have to work pretty hard to wrench the painting away. On the West Coast, where earthquakes can torque paintings affixed in such a way, museums use interlocking connections that offer some give.

  1. Inventory Numbers

Many priceless works have inventory numbers written on the canvas back and recorded in a registrar’s catalog. The catalogs keep data about a canvas’s thread count, highly magnified photographs of a painting’s details and other proof of authenticity.

  1. Glazing

Glazing protects some paintings and is commonly used with objets d’art shown on pedestals. But it is used judiciously since artists and scholars prefer as little interference as possible when viewing the art.

  1. Motion-Detection Devices

Motion-detection devices beamed directly over the painting sound a chirping alarm (like a smoke detector) to startle the too-close observer and alert security.

  1. Low Rail

Around the edge of the room, a low rail or change in floor texture or height creates a border to keep people from getting too close to the artwork.

  1. Environmental Sensors

Environmental sensors for fire, temperature changes and other hazards can be used to complement theft-deterrent sensors. These devices are even more common for items on pedestals, but are used for paintings as well.

  1. Fire Alarms, Sprinklers & Temperature Controls

Fire alarms, sprinklers and temperature controls are mandated controls in any exhibit space. Fire alarms, however, cannot seal off rooms, à la “The Thomas Crown Affair”.

  1. Security Guards

Security guards are on alert during gray hours and are also a constant presence in the museum at all other hours. They must patrol briskly and “pay as much attention to fire exits as they do the art itself”.They also communicate with the security control center, which dispatches staff to suspicious situations. Along with uniformed guards, a plainclothes supervisor would be appointed to see that the security staff is managing the crisis properly.

  1. Saturation Motion Detection

Saturation motion detection is the most important technology used in any given exhibit space. Instead of focusing motion detection only on entrances and egresses, such as doors and air ducts, it’s most practical to simply flood the room with motion detection. That creates very few “dead spots” for potential thieves to avoid sensors and helps deter “stay behinds”: skulkers who come into the room with a group but remain when others leave.

  1. Alarm Windows

Verify that alarm windows are fastened and closed whenever possible, with break sensors on the glass, especially lower-level windows. As with CCTV, glass-break sensors are secondary to motion detection but still play a critical role, “not because it tells us a window was broken, but because it’s independent of the security system during ‘gray hours’”: those after-close periods when a large staff is hanging a new exhibit. At such times, sectors of the building will have their security systems turned off.

  1. Closed-Circuit TV Cameras

Closed-circuit TV cameras add another security layer beyond motion detection. However, if funds are limited, cameras should go first at entry points, then in the galleries. The more precious the art, the more to mix vendors and architectures. Anti-integration makes things difficult for the bad guys; it means they will have to break two systems instead of one.

List of security guard duties at art galleries, & museums:


Offer friendly and professional security service

Rapidly respond to emergencies

Effectively maintain public order

Ensure the visiting public complies with museum regulations


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