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K9 Security

K9 Security Melbourne | Dog Security Melbourne | Guard Dogs Melbourne

Metropolitan guard security services provides the specialized canine security Melbourne teams for high risk circumstances and also for the patrolling purposes. The guard dogs Melbourne teams are highly trained to tackle pertinent situation and are able to provide all kinds of protection from intruder breach or threats.

The K9 security teams are specialized in providing the following guarding experience:

  • Corporate Sector
  • Car Parks
  • Construction Sites
  • Schools
  • Warehouse & Industrial states
  • Developments and construction site


K9 security provides the stupendous sense of awareness not only among the staff but also towards any sort of activities going around and strategic intercessions in the premises. The protection standards within your premises would be maintained at the highest note of security standards as the team itself is specialized at the expert levels of both guards and the dogs that won’t let any sort of risk go unnoticed.


Industrial guard dog protection Melbourne

The metropolitan guard services are one of the top organizations to provide with industrial guard services, all kinds of safety strategies are kept intact to make sure that the work sites and the premises are safe from any sort of threat or the intruder activities.


Moreover, the best part of the services provided by the MGS is that they also act as the security consultants which is the first phase of their services where they actually conduct a whole risk analysis and assessment of the whole premises to comprehend the specific security needs of the clients and the region to be secured. In case of efficient response deployment, the area to be secured is segmented and dealt accordingly.

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