Metropolitan guards’ mobile patrol security services offer cost-effective security solutions to protect your company and its premises. Our mobile security guards are the first line of defense and conduct regular security checks, alarm responses, and staff escorts. Our security personnel are highly trained, detail-oriented, and proficient in their duties, ensuring that your site is fully secured and under control.

Our mobile patrol officers use state-of-the-art technology to secure your corporate site, and we offer a range of services that include internal and external site inspections, lock and unlock services, efficient alarm responses, and assistance during emergencies and evacuations. Our officers are licensed and trained to provide health and safety protocols, observe and report situations, and report safety against fire outbreaks. They are also skilled in conflict resolution and negotiation techniques.

Mobile Patrol and Security Services in Melbourne: Professional, Security Guards and Patrol Officers

Metropolitan guards’ mobile patrol officers are highly efficient and reliable, and they aim to provide friendly and effective customer support service for our clients and all persons in the work area. Our officers carry effective communication equipment and tools and have a clean driving history. They have a keen eye for detecting problems and taking proactive measures, and always write and submit accurate reports.

Apart from providing all the services mentioned above, we follow the requirements of our clients and work for them according to their expectations. Our security personnel come from different walks of life and have various skills installed. They carry the vision of safeguarding your business and assets at the heart of the company’s operation, allowing clients to maintain their abilities to generate profits.

Our culture of integrity and helpfulness is paramount to our corporate culture, and we never skimp on security. In an emergency, our mobile security patrols can arrive swiftly, providing quick solutions that effectively handle the situation. We provide easy-on-pocket security solutions and only follow the requirements of our clients, making our procedures simpler for them to understand, adhere to, and inspire them to take on the challenge.

To hire a mobile security guard or for more information on any of our guarding and protective services, contact us at 1300 73 11 73. Our award-winning and ISO-certified security services are always available to help you with your security needs.